Supported Vehicles

The Routing, Matrix and Route Optimization APIs support the following vehicles:

name description Restrictions Icon Real life image
car Car mode car access car image
small_truck Small truck like a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit or Iveco Daily height=2.7m, width=2+0.4m, length=5.5m, weight=2080+1400 kg small truck image small truck image
truck Truck like a MAN or Mercedes-Benz Actros height=3.7m, width=2.6+0.5m, length=12m, weight=13000 + 13000 kg, hgv=yes, 3 Axes truck image truck
foot Pedestrian or walking foot access foot image
hike Pedestrian or walking with priority for more beautiful hiking tours and potentially a bit longer than foot foot access hike image
bike Trekking bike avoiding hills bike access bike image
mtb Mountainbike bike access Mountainbike image
racing bike Bike preferring roads bike access racingbike image

Please note, that currently none of the vehicles accounts for turn restrictions except for ch.disable=true.

If you need a custom vehicle (different properties, different speed profiles, different access) for routes in a special geographic area or world wide please contact us. We also support turn restrictions for our flexibilty mode which we'll bring to production soon.

You can try the route results for every profile with GraphHopper Maps