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GraphHopper Directions API Live Examples

The Routing API calculates the best path between two or more locations. Calculate your own route via clicking on the map and try GraphHopper Maps for a more advanced routing demo.

Click to see instructions for route
The Route Optimization API gets several locations and vehicles as input and calculates the best route for every of the vehicles, where several constraints like capacity or time windows can be added. Click on the map to add locations and then click 'optimize' or just on one of the examples. Or use our more advanced route editor in the dashboard.
The Geocoding API converts address text into coordinates shown on the map or try "reverse geocoding" via clicking on the map.

The Map Matching API snaps measured GPS tracks to the digital road network using a certain vehicle. Click on the examples and zoom to see the detailed GPX track (black line) and what the Map Matching API calculated from it (green line).

The Matrix API calculates distances or times between many locations E.g. 1 to 5 or 4 to 4 like in the following example. Click on the produced links to see the actual route on GraphHopper Maps.

The Isochrone API calculates the reach of a location. Calculate it by clicking on the map. The inner area is reachable within 5 minutes (green) and the outer area is reachable within 10 minutes (blue).