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Request an additional 20% attribution discount
Package Premium Standard Basic Free Custom
Price1 ... ... ... Free2 Custom
Credits per day3,4 50,000 15,000 5,000 500 Custom
Max. locations per request 200 80 30 5 up to 10K
Routing API
Route Optimization API
Max. vehicles per request 20 10 2 1 up to 200
Geocoding API Custom languages
Map Matching API
Max. locations per request 700 500 150 up to 2K
Isochrone API
Max. time 30min 20min 15min up to 60min
Matrix API
Support6 forum only
White Label7
For Commercial Use

Estimate the necessary daily credits.

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  1. Prices are without VAT. Automated invoicing and payment via credit card or direct debit.
  2. The Free-package is allowed for non-commercial usage only, has a limited credit count per minute and a limited set of vehicle profiles.
  3. Use our credit estimator to calculate the necessary credits - for more information see the FAQ. Only the free package strictly blocks after all daily credits are taken. The other packages implement a fair usage limit.
  4. Maximum 1000 credits per minutes (c/m) are allowed for the premium package, max. 400 c/m for the standard package and 100 c/m for the basic package. No guarantees are made for the free package.
  5. The SLA is 99.5% availability within every month. If less than 99.5% availability (but more than 99%) is reached then a discount of 10% is provided. If less than 99% is reached a 50% discount is provided. For a custom packages higher SLA requirements can be arranged.
  6. All packages include free online support, software updates and at least a weekly OpenStreetMap data update. Paid packages include email and premium packages include telephone support. For a custom package a dedicated support can be bought.
  7. All paid packages come with the white-label option where you do not need to attribute GraphHopper. But if you do you are eligible for the attribution discount.

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