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GraphHopper Directions API for Business

We are currently in closed beta and offer access only to selected developers. If you wish to take part email us at email and provide:
  • your company's name,
  • the requests per day of the production application (up to 100, 10K, 30K or more) and
  • your (approximative) use case of our API
We offer a fast and reliable directions API for your business. Organisations like Gnome, GPSies.com or instantnavi rely on it, as well as companies with outdoor or logistic applications. Use our APIs the way you want, for any application, including navigation or optimization of mobile assets!
example usage

You get

  • A fast routing solution based on up-to-date OpenStreetMap data
  • Worldwide support for bicycles, pedestrians and cars1
  • Elevation data for biking and walking
  • An advanced and fast Matrix API
  • High privacy standards through HTTPS and no long term storage of user IP
  • Use JSON, GPX or JSONP format for your desktop or mobile applications


To get more details about the pricing sign up - it is free, or contact us.

You need an individual solution?

For commercial GraphHopper support or a self-hosted GraphHopper Directions API see our enterprise offers.
1. Car routing is currently without turn restrictions.
A fast and flexible Directions API for car, bike and more
V Free sign up, no credit card required
V A fast routing solution for every usecase
V Up-to-date worldwide OpenStreetMap data
V Elevation data for biking and walking
V Enterprise features like the Distance Matrix API
Price per month 1
Use Discount4Early to get over 15% discount (until 31th April)
price for yearly term
Credits per day 2
Support 4
White-label 5
0 €
500 per day
up to 5 locations
10,000 per day
up to 80 locations
25,000 per day
up to 150 locations
up to 10K locations
For commercial GraphHopper support or a self-hosted GraphHopper Directions API see our enterprise offers.
  1. Prices are without VAT. Monthly automated payment via credit card or debit advice. The usage of the Free-package is possible for none-commercial projects or in the development phase only.
  2. One routing request costs one credit. For more details see the FAQ.
  3. The sum over all locations in all Matrix-requests over a timespan of 5 seconds cannot exceed 300.
  4. All packages include free online support, software updates and at least a weekly OpenStreetMap data update. For a custom package a dedicated support or update contract can be bought. Contact us for more information.
  5. You need to attribute GraphHopper, except for packages with white-labeling.
  6. Car routing is currently without turn restrictions.

A fast and flexible Directions API for car, bike and more

V Free sign up, no credit card required
V A fast routing solution for every usecase
V Up-to-date worldwide OpenStreetMap data
V Elevation data for biking and walking
V Enterprise features like the Distance Matrix API


At the core of our products is the fast, flexible and open source routing library GraphHopper using OpenStreetMap data. You can try it online with GraphHopper Maps a web based route planner.

GraphHopper Maps uses the Directions API for Business with world wide coverage for driving, walking and biking. Also Gnome Maps, instantnavi and others already use it - from navigation apps over logistic applications to outdoor hiking planners. See yourself how your business can benefit from a reliable, easy to use and fast routing service not standing in your way and with advanced features like the Distance Matrix API or Geocoding API.

GraphHopper Community

Here you can find more information about the open source routing library and server.


0.4 release, 06-March-2015


Unstable 0.5

Routing Server zip, docs
Android apk, docs
Open Issues

Overview About GraphHopper Core

GraphHopper offers memory efficient algorithms in Java for routing on graphs. E.g. Dijkstra and A* but also optimized road routing algorithms like Contraction Hierarchies. It stands under the Apache License and is build on a large test suite.


We chose the Apache License to make it easy for you to embed GraphHopper in your products. We suggest to contribute back your changes (as GraphHopper will evolve fast) but of course this is not necessary.

OpenStreetMap Support

OpenStreetMap is directly supported from GraphHopper. Without the amazing data from OpenStreetMap GraphHopper wouldn't be possible at all. Other map data will need a custom import procedure.


Development happens at GitHub. You can clone the project at GitHub.

Written in Java

GraphHopper is written in Java and runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Android and even iOS. Other environments which supports at least Java 5 will work too.


On Android we provide an integration with Mapsforge which makes offline navigation one step closer. Due to the usage of memory mapped files and Contraction Hierarchies we avoid allocating too much memory which makes it possible to run Germany-wide queries with only 32MB in a few seconds. We provide an Eclipse project as well as the Maven-Android integration to be used in other IDEs.


With the web module we provide code to query GraphHopper over HTTP and decrease bandwidth usage as much as possible. For that we use the polyline encoding from Google, the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm and a simple GZIP servlet filter. On the client side we provide Java and JavaScript code (via Leaflet) to consume that service and visualize the routes.


GraphHopper also works on the Desktop in a Java application without internet access. E.g. you could use the rough user interface called MiniGraphUI provided in the tools module. A fast map visualization can be easily implemented via mapsforge 0.4 as it supports the desktop via Swing/AWT. Or you have to use an older version of it. Ask on the mailing list for more up to date information.


We've build the GraphHopper class which makes simple things easy. Still you can use the low level API of GraphHopper and you'll see that it was created to allow fast and memory efficient use of the underlying datastructures and algorithms.


  • Written in Java and runs under Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS etc
  • Business friendly due to Apache License 2.0, commercial support, Directions API and more
  • Based on a large test suite of unit and integration tests
  • Memory efficient data structures, algorithms and also the API is tuned towards ease of use and efficiency.
  • Very fast. And via the speed-up technic called "Contraction Hierarchies" it can be even faster - CH is enabled by default.
  • Simple installation - just Java necessary! Simple setup for developers due to Maven.
  • Has algorithms ala A*, Dijkstra and the bidirected versions, plus one-to-many cases
  • Works out of the box with OpenStreetMap (osm and pbf) but can be adapted to use your own data
  • OpenStreetMap integration: Takes care of the road type, the surface, barriers, access restrictions, ferries, ...
  • Displays and takes into account elevation data
  • Uses only a few dependencies (trove4j and slf4j)
  • Scales from small indoor- to world-wide-sized graphs
  • Can be used on mobile devices with less than 32MB. For Android and iOS we additionally provide demos.
  • Supports car, bicycle, pedestrian vehicles by default. But you can easily create your own or customize existing vehicles.
  • The web module provides GraphHopper routing as a service which can be accessed via Java or JavaScript.
  • The web module returns highly compressed paths via gzip and polyline encoding.

Questions? Contact Us!

Email: email
Twitter: @graphhopper
The settlement of the website via credit card takes place:
1, Place du Marché
L-6755 Grevenmacher
R.C.S. Luxembourg B 144133
E-Mail: info @ hso-services.com
Dipl. Vw. Mirko Hüllemann
Heiko Strauß

GraphHopper Enterprise for Your Company

We offer different solutions to make routing simple, fast and flexible. Routing problems occur in a wide range of applications: From outdoor planning to optimization in logistic software; from touristic apps to ridesharing websites - we can offer the right package for you!


Request one of our services:
  • We help if you need fast one-time support or with individual support contracts
  • We train your developers
  • We can do the work if you don't want to host GraphHopper on your own
  • We analyze your special needs and routing requirements
  • With GraphHopper and other open source software we can implement your tour optimization problem (also called vehicle routing problem)
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Route planning for agencies

Our Directions API gives you the maximum liberty for the use cases of your clients - use the API even for navigation applications. Additionally we offer a scalable and fair pricing: from free forever to high volume packages.

Route planning for logistics

Our Directions API includes the Matrix API - a solution to calculate distance matrixes very fast. Distance Matrixes are of big importance for many logistic applications like route delivery or warehouse route optimizations. The Matrix API is up to 150 times faster compared to the already fast open source GraphHopper software.

You can sign up for free to test the Matrix API and see that your company can benefit from it. For companies with high privacy requirements or in the need to use a customized GraphHopper we also offer you to host this Matrix API on your own servers! Contact us to get the details!
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Use Cases

Our partners and customers use GraphHopper in many different scenarios. Read more about it here.
  • Outdoor routing like hiking and biking
  • Point-to-point routing for routeplanning of cars or other vehicles
  • Routing optimized for distance matrix calculations (many-to-many) useful in ridesharing, logistics or taxi industry
  • High quality location-based advertisment
  • Indoor routing with use cases at trade fairs or warehouse route optimizations
  • Routing for electric cars, motorbikes or emergency like police or ambulance
  • Routing in games or for urban planning and traffic simulation
  • Emergency management

How GraphHopper can help your business

GraphHopper proves useful for wide variety of applications. Read more about how we can help your business here.

We get a lot of value from OpenStreetMap, the data is incredible! The least we can do is to give a bit back with a free access to our Directions API. The official website OpenStreetMap.org includes GraphHopper for bike and pedestrian routing.
GPSies, Outdoor
GPSies.com was our very first user. We worked closely with the founder Klaus together to reach the goal and replace the Google Maps API. GPSies lets the user share and create tracks for hiking and biking and is the biggest German provider of its kind serving over 150 000 requests per day world wide. Finally GPSies moved from a self-hosted GraphHopper to our Directions API and observed that a fast routing solution does not mean cost ineffective.
Open Door Logistics Studio
Open Door Logistics Studio is an Excel-compatible free desktop application for performing geographic analysis of customers, sales territory design and vehicle fleet optimisation and planning. ODL Studio uses Graphhopper for all its road network distance and time calculations. ODL Studio is open source and available under the LGPL license.
entuMovil, Navigation
entuMovil develops the navigation app MAPADCUBA which is an Android app that allows the creation of routes within the Cuban map through GraphHopper. The facilities provided by GraphHopper allowed us to have instructions on every pivot point for the voice output.

"In Cuba people normally don't have internet at home or for cell phones so an online navigation application is not an option. But thanks to offline routing of GraphHopper now our app MAPADCUBA is the fastest solution on the market."
Ride with GPS, Outdoor
Ride with GPS allows cyclists to plan and navigate their bike rides. A cyclist can plan a bike ride using a variety of maps, with an interactive elevation profile generated while mapping. The website uses GraphHopper to generate direction requests for all routes planned on OpenStreetMap-based maps.

From the founder, Cullen King: "We are very happy with the pace of development of the GraphHopper project, which sees improvements on a weekly basis. We currently self host GraphHopper and are 100% satisfied with the rock solid performance of the routing servers. We have no doubts that it will continue to scale to meet the needs of our fast growing business."

allryder, Multimodal Transport
allryder is a civic startup with the vision of making cities smarter. Most cities in the world are lacking data for urban transport, particularly in emerging & underdeveloped regions, yet it is this data that is core for any future in "Smart Mobility". For this reason, allryder is building a worldwide cloud on urban transport data. They optimise their sourced GPS data with GraphHopper’s Map matching algorithm.
instantnavi, Navigation
We do not limit your use case - you create just what you want with our Directions API for Business. instantnavi.com utilizes our Directions API to offer an in-app navigation experience. Ie. it keeps your customers in your app where you have endless possibilities to inform the users along the route and at the destinations! This navigation widget is now open source and called FFWDME.JS (fast forward me).
Optitool, Logistics
Dominik Giesa from OPTITOOL GmbH: "GraphHopper was the best choice to achieve our requirements for an OpenStreetMap routing engine. It's very fast, flexible and easily extendable. E.g. we do one-to-many search queries, custom weightings and even truck restrictions."
GraphHopper Maps
GraphHopper Maps started as our Demo but is now a fully fledged Maps application, with address suggestions, fast routes, elevation profile and more. All driven by the Directions API for Business providing world wide coverage of the routing for biking, walking and cars.
Viaboxx Route Planner
Viaboxx GmbH develops software for logistic companies and makes complex planning tasks easy and customizable. On the frontline is their Route Planner, which is based on OptaPlanner, GraphHopper and other open source libraries like AngularJS.

With these tools Viaboxx is able to help dispatchers and transport companies that need to optimize the routes for hundreds of deliveries and pickups every day. Viaboxx uses GraphHopper behind the scenes to compute thousands of route variations (e.g. speed or energy optimized routes), as well as in the web-interface for the final route.
Gnome Maps, Desktop
Gnome Maps is the maps application for the popular Linux desktop environment GNOME. Gnome Maps uses our Directions API since 3.14 to bring navigation as well as address search to all Gnome users for free. See this video for a short demonstration or this German article at golem.de.
Rome2rio, Multimodal Transport
Rome2rio is a transport search engine that returns itineraries with plane, train, bus, ferry, car and walking options. GraphHopper is used to provide the route and duration for driving and walking segments of the multimodal transport search engine.
A course at the University of Nottingham uses a modified version of GraphHopper to provide a personalized routing solution. Read more
Komoot, Outdoor
We work closely together with Jan from the Komoot GmbH to add features to GraphHopper important for Outdoor apps, e.g. displaying and taking into account the elevation so that hills can be avoided or favored depending on the profile.

The result is a very fast route planning and route suggestion for touring, mountain and race bikers as well as for hikers. GraphHopper replaced an in-house engine and made routing 500 times faster!
Urban Planning and Games
The University of Clausthal uses GraphHopper in their lectures to let students play with traffic simulation and its results such as CO2 pollution. Please see the code repository. They will also play/animate the Scotland Yard game.
Wanderreitkarte, Outdoor
Wanderreitekarte.de is a "hiking and trail riding map" and uses a custom GraphHopper version named "Hoofmarker" to provide a navigation solution for traveling horsemen and hikers. It considers elevation differences as well as track surfaces and obstacles to find the most desirable off-road route. The dynamic routing can be guided by routing options and many waypoints. Elevation profiles help to judge the effort. Read more about it in German or machine translated English

The GraphHopper Team says thanks to