GraphHopper Directions API

We offer a fast and reliable directions API for your business. Organisations like Brandenburg Tourism, or Logio s.r.o. rely on it, as well as companies with outdoor or logistic applications. Use our APIs the way you want, for any application, including navigation or optimization of mobile assets!

What you get:

  • A fast routing solution based on up-to-date OpenStreetMap data
  • Worldwide support for bike, foot, truck1, motorcycle1 and car1
  • Elevation data for all routes
  • Including a powerful Route Optimization API
  • Including a Matrix API
  • High privacy standards through HTTPS and no long term storage of user IP
  • Use JSON, GPX or JSONP format for your desktop or mobile applications
  • A fast Geocoding API
  • With a precise Isochrone API
  • A simple to use and powerful route editor for the Route Optimization API

You need an individual solution?

For commercial support, consulting or the self-hosted GraphHopper Directions API see our enterprise offers or contact us.
1. Car and motorcycle routing is currently without turn restrictions.

The GraphHopper Directions API

Let your customers save time, money and resources with optimized routes

For Outdoors

Elevation data for every route

Navigation GraphHopper Maps
For Transportation Enterprise

Including route optimization and distance matrix services

Gear Live demos
Fast & Versatile

Fast routing solutions for many usecases


Customize vehicles and constraints to your needs

Built on giants
Based on Open Source and OpenStreetMap data

We Provide You


is a powerful A to B routing service with many vehicle types and including elevation


is a tool for your vehicle routing problems supporting skills, different drivers, vehicle types and a lot more

provides address search and reverse geocoding
calculates distance and time matrices fast
provides reach calculation
provides "snap to road" functionality

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10-11 February We'll host a hackathon at Future Mobility Days in Nuremberg.
24th January We'll speak at KLU Logistics Start-Up Day


10.11.2016 We presented us in Munich at Startup-DemoNight.
04.11.2016 We presented the GraphHopper Directions API in Berlin at WhereCamp 2016.
18.10.2016 A new GraphHopper routing engine was released
27.09.2016 We presented us at IAA - New Mobility World Lab16
16.09.2016 "GraphHopper provides Routing as a Service" press release at Directions Magazine
08.08.2016 We launched the Map Matching API

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Our Team

GraphHopper GmbH is based in Germany (Bavaria) and we focus on the fastest possible routing algorithms, privacy protection, individual customer support and open source.
At the core of our products is the open source fast and flexible routing engine GraphHopper using OpenStreetMap data and the vehicle routing engine jsprit. With these tools we've built a lightweight Directions API for heavy routing problems.
Already many projects and companies use the GraphHopper Directions API with world wide coverage for different vehicles and walking. For example Logio, GPSies and others - from logistic applications to outdoor hiking planners.
Peter Karich
Founder & Routing
Stefan Schröder
Founder & Optimization
Prof. Roland Wagner
Advisory Board
Dr. Christoph Leuze
Business Development & Sales

Packages and pricing of the Hosted GraphHopper Directions API

Use our paid packages for any use case
including commercial usage, vehicle tracking and navigation applications.
On any map you like.

Price per month 1
Credits per day 3,4
Max. locations / req.
Max. vehicles / req.
Max. locations / req.
Max. time
Support 6
White-label 7
For Commercial Use
50,000 per day
150 locations
20 vehicles
15,000 per day
80 locations
10 vehicles
5,000 per day
30 locations
2 vehicles
0 € 2
500 per day
5 locations
1 vehicle
only forum
up to 10K
up to 1K
Custom languages
up to 10K
up to 60min

What is one credit? Read about this and more in the FAQ.

Problems or Questions? Contact us!

Pricing for the self-hosted option? Contact us!

We accept the following payment methods:

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  1. Prices are without VAT. Monthly automated invoicing and payment via credit card or debit advice.
  2. The Free-package is allowed for non-commercial usage only and has a limited credit count per minute.
  3. Use our credit estimator in the dashboard to calculate the necessary credits - for more information see the FAQ. Only the free package strictly blocks after all daily credits are taken. The other packages implement a fair usage limit.
  4. Maximum 1000 credits per minutes (c/m) are allowed for the premium package, max. 400 c/m for the standard package and 100 c/m for the basic package. No guarantees are made for the free package.
  5. The SLA is 99.5% availability within every month. If less than 99.5% availability (but more than 99%) is reached then a discount of 10% is provided. If less than 99% is reached a 50% discount is provided. For a custom packages higher SLA requirements can be arranged.
  6. All packages include free online support, software updates and at least a weekly OpenStreetMap data update. Paid packages include email and premium packages include telephone support. For a custom package a dedicated support can be bought. Contact us for more information.
  7. You need to attribute GraphHopper, except for packages with white-labeling.

GraphHopper Community

Here you can find more information about our open source routing engine GraphHopper and optimization engine jsprit.
For a comparison with the GraphHopper Directions API see this comparison.
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Optimization Engine jsprit

GraphHopper Routing Engine

0.8 release, 18-Oct-2016
Unstable 0.9
Routing Server zip, docs
Android apk, docs

Questions? Contact Us!

GraphHopper GmbH

Amtsgericht München HR B 223447
USt.-ID: DE 305 064 440
GF: Stefan Schröder, Peter Karich
Meindlstrasse 11c
81373 Munich, Germany

General contact:supportemail
Technical support: email
Office Munich: +49 89 600 33757
Office Bayreuth: +49 921 168 19075

GraphHopper Enterprise for Your Company

We offer different solutions to make routing simple, fast and flexible. Routing problems occur in a wide range of applications: From outdoor planning to optimization in logistic software; from touristic apps to ridesharing websites - we can offer the right package for you!

Consulting - We do the routing for you!

Our services include:
  • We implement new features for GraphHopper or customizations
  • We help if you need fast one-time support or with individual support contracts
  • We train your developers
  • We can do the work if you don't want to host GraphHopper on your own
  • We analyze your special needs and routing requirements
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GraphHopper Directions API Self-Hosting / On-Premises

The Directions API comes as a cloud service where you pay on-demand. The API is also available as on-premises solution (self-hosted), which gives you maximum performance, customization possibilities, independence; all in your hands! Be it self-hosted or maintained from us - you define the exact requirements.

Route planning for agencies

Our Directions API gives you the maximum liberty for the use cases of your clients - use the API even for navigation applications with any map you like or even just as a background service without any UI. We offer a scalable and fair pricing.

Route planning for logistics

Our Directions API has a new Route Optimization API to solve your next traveling salesman or delivery problem. Additionally we offer a production ready and fast Matrix API - a solution to calculate distance matrixes very fast. Distance matrixes are of big importance for many logistic applications like route delivery or warehouse route optimizations. The Matrix API is up to 150 times faster compared to the Routing API for these special cases of many-to-many distance or time calculations.

Sign up for free to test all parts of the Directions API and see that your company can benefit from it.
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Use Cases

Our partners and customers use GraphHopper in many different scenarios. Read more about it here.
  • Outdoor routing like hiking and biking
  • Point-to-point routing for routeplanning of cars or other vehicles
  • Routing optimized for distance matrix calculations (many-to-many) useful in ridesharing, logistics or taxi industry
  • High quality location-based advertisment
  • Indoor routing with use cases at trade fairs or warehouse route optimizations
  • Routing for electric cars, motorbikes or emergency like police or ambulance
  • Routing in games or for urban planning and traffic simulation
  • Emergency management

Use Cases - GraphHopper Success Stories

GraphHopper proves useful in a wide variety of applications accross different industries. We help you to benefit from our routing expertise and a fast Directions API.
GPSies, Outdoor was our very first user. We worked closely with the founder Klaus together to reach the goal and replace the Google Maps API. GPSies lets the user share and create tracks for hiking and biking and is the biggest German provider of its kind serving over 150 000 requests per day world wide. Finally GPSies moved from a self-hosted GraphHopper to our Directions API and observed that a fast routing solution does not mean cost ineffective.
We get a lot of value from OpenStreetMap, the data is incredible! The least we can do is to give a bit back with a free access to our Directions API. The official website includes GraphHopper for bike and pedestrian routing.
Komoot, Outdoor
We work closely together with Jan from the Komoot GmbH to add features to GraphHopper important for Outdoor apps, e.g. displaying and taking into account the elevation so that hills can be avoided or favored depending on the profile.

The result is a very fast route planning and route suggestion for touring, mountain and race bikers as well as for hikers. GraphHopper replaced an in-house engine and made routing 500 times faster!
Cruiser, Navigation
Cruiser is a map and navigation application for Android and Desktop (Java), built by Talent and provided for free. It features offline vector maps via the open source projects Mapsforge and VTM with map file and render theme style selection. It supports offline routing via GraphHopper with built-in graph chooser and waypoints management.

FlixBus, Mobility
FlixBus is a young mobility provider that offers its services across Europe since 2013 and established Europe's largest intercity bus network within 3 years.
A user-friendly booking system and an extensive route network offers travellers the opportunity to experience the world no matter their budget. FlixBus uses the open source routing engine Graphhopper to support planning of the routes and its customizability lets them provide bus routes for busses of different sizes. In addition, the route can simply be enriched with more information about the route, on top of the default kilometer count and instructions, which provides more accurate predictions for
Kurviger, Outdoor
Kurviger is a route planer built for motorcyclists. It calculates pleasant routes to ride with a motorcycle. Kurviger avoids cities and highways, prefers curvy roads and elevation. One of the key-features of Kurviger is the calculation of a pleasant round trip from a starting point with a given distance and heading.
Moovel Lab, Visualization
Roads to rome is beautiful data visualization project invented by the Moovel lab group.
See this German article on

They tried to solve the question if all roads lead to rome and stumbled over many other interesting properties like the road DNA of a city or the equal partitioning of states and continents. For all these routing related questions they used OpenStreetMap and GraphHopper.
Rome2rio, Mobility
Rome2rio is a transport search engine that returns itineraries with plane, train, bus, ferry, car and walking options. GraphHopper is used to provide the route and duration for driving and walking segments of the multimodal transport search engine.
Ride with GPS, Outdoor
Ride with GPS allows cyclists to plan and navigate their bike rides. A cyclist can plan a bike ride using a variety of maps, with an interactive elevation profile generated while mapping. The website uses GraphHopper to generate direction requests for all routes planned on OpenStreetMap-based maps.

From the founder, Cullen King: "We are very happy with the pace of development of the GraphHopper project, which sees improvements on a weekly basis. We currently self host GraphHopper and are 100% satisfied with the rock solid performance of the routing servers. We have no doubts that it will continue to scale to meet the needs of our fast growing business."

CleverShuttle, Mobility
CleverShuttle is a low-cost and eco-friendly driving service that is based on the ridesharing concept. It offers door-to-door mobility where passengers get picked up and brought to their individual destination. Passengers with similar routes are clustered in one vehicle and share a ride. CleverShuttle's service is 40% cheaper than traditional chauffeur services and minimizes CO2 emissions and traffic due to a fleet of electric and plug-in-hybride vehicles and ridesharing. For all routing related topics they benefit from GraphHopper.
VSimRTI, Simulation
The V2X Simulation Runtime Infrastructure (VSimRTI) is a simulation and assessment framework for autonomous, cooperative, and electric driving. VSimRTI has been developed by Daimler Center for Automotive Information Technology Innovations (DCAITI) and Fraunhofer FOKUS.

With VSimRTI, the user is able to prepare and execute simulations of cooperative and intelligent transportation systems including Vehicle-2-X communication (ad-hoc) or cellular phone networks. In this context, GraphHopper is used for a sophisticated calculation of routes which model vehicle movements close to reality through real world traffic networks and for dynamic re-routing use cases.
Reiseland Brandenburg, Outdoor
Brandenburg Tourism ('Reiseland Brandenburg') is a tourism portal for the Brandenburg/Berlin area of Germany. It offers the Brandenburg app as well as a web application that both promote the beauty of this area.
Together we customized the bike routing so that also a beautiful route can be obtained with ease using the GraphHopper Directions API.
Falk, Outdoor serves free routes for recreational cyclists and hikers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In April 2015 it was the number one recreational route website in the Netherlands, with around 2 million visitors per year and over 7000 routes. The users print the routes from the website or uses a mobile app to navigate the route during their trip.

Falk uses Graphhopper as their routing engine because it is fast, easily customizable and reliable for their needs. On top of that GraphHopper makes great use of the OpenStreetMap tagging system to help Falk its users find the most interesting and fitting routes.
Wanderreitkarte, Outdoor is a "hiking and trail riding map" and uses a custom GraphHopper version named "Hoofmarker" to provide a navigation solution for traveling horsemen and hikers. It considers elevation differences as well as track surfaces and obstacles to find the most desirable off-road route. The dynamic routing can be guided by routing options and many waypoints. Elevation profiles help to judge the effort. Read more about it in German or machine translated English
Open Door Logistics Studio
Open Door Logistics Studio is an Excel-compatible free desktop application for performing geographic analysis of customers, sales territory design and vehicle fleet optimisation and planning. ODL Studio uses Graphhopper for all its road network distance and time calculations. ODL Studio is open source and available under the LGPL license.
Alminav, Outdoor
Alminav is an Android route planner and offline navigator for hikers and cyclists. Graphhopper is used to make routes precise due to the rich OpenStreetMap data and the included elevation data. Also a neighborhood search for street names is implemented on top of it.
entuMovil, Navigation
entuMovil develops the navigation app MAPADCUBA which is an Android app that allows the creation of routes within the Cuban map through GraphHopper. The facilities provided by GraphHopper allowed us to have instructions on every pivot point for the voice output.

"In Cuba people normally don't have internet at home or for cell phones so an online navigation application is not an option. But thanks to offline routing of GraphHopper now our app MAPADCUBA is the fastest solution on the market."
instantnavi, Navigation
We do not limit your use case - you create just what you want with our Directions API. utilizes our Directions API to offer an in-app navigation experience. Ie. it keeps your customers in your app where you have endless possibilities to inform the users along the route and at the destinations! This navigation widget is now open source and called FFWDME.JS (fast forward me).
Optitool, Logistics
Dominik Giesa from OPTITOOL GmbH: "GraphHopper was the best choice to achieve our requirements for an OpenStreetMap routing engine. It's very fast, flexible and easily extendable. E.g. we do one-to-many search queries, custom weightings and even truck restrictions."
GraphHopper Maps
GraphHopper Maps started as our Demo but is now a fully fledged Maps application, with address suggestions, fast routes, elevation profile and more. All driven by the GraphHopper Directions API providing world wide coverage of the routing for biking, walking and cars.
Viaboxx Route Planner, Logistics
Viaboxx GmbH develops software for logistic companies and makes complex planning tasks easy and customizable. On the frontline is their Route Planner, which is based on OptaPlanner, GraphHopper and other open source libraries like AngularJS.

With these tools Viaboxx is able to help dispatchers and transport companies that need to optimize the routes for hundreds of deliveries and pickups every day. Viaboxx uses GraphHopper behind the scenes to compute thousands of route variations (e.g. speed or energy optimized routes), as well as in the web-interface for the final route.
Gnome Maps, Desktop
Gnome Maps is the maps application for the popular Linux desktop environment GNOME. Gnome Maps uses our Directions API since 3.14 to bring navigation as well as address search to all Gnome users for free. See this video for a short demonstration or this German article at
A course at the University of Nottingham uses a modified version of GraphHopper to provide a personalized routing solution. Read more
Urban Planning and Games
The University of Clausthal uses GraphHopper in their lectures to let students play with traffic simulation and its results such as CO2 pollution. Please see the code repository. They will also play/animate the Scotland Yard game.


Unsubscribing ...

Open Source vs. GraphHopper Directions API

We have built the GraphHopper company to strengthen and invest into our open source products, the routing engine GraphHopper and the optimization engine jsprit, both under the permissive Apache license.

To achieve this and maintain this also in the future we need a sustainable business resulting in decisions of keeping certain parts closed source where we think the effect on the open source communities is minimal.

All parts of the hosted GraphHopper Directions API are also available for self-hosting through a commercial license with dedicated support, e.g. to fulfill support, strict latency or privacy requirements. Please contact us for more information.
Features Open Source GraphHopper Directions API
Routing API V V
With elevation data X V
Custom data V V*
Frequently updated world wide data X V
Improved ETAs X V
Truck Vehicles X V
With simple optimization X V
Isochrone API X V
Matrix API X V
Geocoding API V V
Multiple providers X V
Map Matching API V V
Route Optimization API X V
Fast route optimization V V
Dependencies between services X V
Always up-to-date software X V
Dashboard with usage statistics X V
Scales with your demand X V
Support per project costs V
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* currently only possible for a self-hosted or custom package